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I recently struck a blow for freedom by downloading…Freedom, the app that gives you your life back! (Note: this is not a paid promotion – I just like the app.)

My first task was to learn how to block my access to the App store – for days at a time – so I can’t re-download the solitaire game apps I deleted. And then I went on to blocking distracting websites for hours in the early morning and again in the evening.

So maybe I’ll really give myself a chance to kick the time-wasting habits now. The technology was too strong for my mere self-control and self-discipline. Using the Freedom app will give me time to break the bad habits.

I know I can do it, even though I’ve suffered from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS), my whole life! My busy, active mind has always embraced everything with open arms, and encouraged me to wholeheartedly get carried away by the next new thing. Until the moment hits when I find myself trapped in a shiny globe of opportunities, pinging away madly from one thing to another with negligible results, far off track down a path I never meant to travel.

It’s like Dug. Dug is looking for love and friendship. Right up until the moment when…


In other news, freeing up time wasted on stupid games has given me the space to enjoy the outdoors while we’re in Australia!

Hiking up to Baroon Lookout, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I was, perhaps, overdressed.

Turn up the volume! Kookaburras heard but not seen.

Lead image Photo credit: Jamie Street, Unsplash

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