“A deftly crafted and thoroughly fun read … especially and unreservedly recommended for elementary school, middle school, and community library Fantasy Fiction collections.” —MBR Midwest Book Review

The Silk Road

Lucy & Dee: Book 1
Release Date: April 1, 2022
Publisher: Common Deer Press

Lucy wants an adventure. Dee needs money to help him find his missing parents. When a flaming bird leads them to a hidden road, and the lord of stone offers them a quest, the opportunity for both arises. In a land full of magic, dragons, and demons, all they have to do is protect a young emperor from an unknown danger-which would be a lot easier if he wasn’t a royal pain and an angry queen didn’t want him dead.

With the entitled ruler in tow, Lucy & Dee must find a way home with only a mysterious feather and a dragon-whisperer (who looks suspiciously like a hedgehog) their only defences against capture and maybe even death.

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ISBN: 978-1-988761-66-4

Praise for The Silk Road

”An enthralling, fast-paced adventure, hinting of more to come.” – Kirkus Reviews

“ A rip-roaring fantasy… Not to be missed….In this tale of adventure, science, and magic, readers are sure to find mirrors to their own experiences and windows onto others, all wrapped in a fantastical bow. Lovers of middle grade fantasy will be enthralled.” – The Prairies Book Review

“Lucy and Dee is an appealing fantasy novel in which two friends go on a wondrous adventure in a magical land.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews 5/5

“…(A) fun and engrossing read, perfect for middle-grade readers who love a new adventure”. — The Children’s Book Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Reminiscent of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, two friends, Lucy and Dee find themselves in a strange alternate dimension where rocks are animate, and magic exists.” – Andrea Torrey Balsara, author of The Nightingale’s Song