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Travelling the Silk Road with author Kirsten Marion, Beyond the Pen Podcast, Season 2

Are you someone who loves geography or Alchemicals like the Philosopher’s Stone? What would you do if you came across a mythical creature who disappeared behind a bolder? Would you find a way past it to travel to a whole new world? Well, that’s what Lucy and Dee, our protagonists, did as they travelled down the Silk Road – made of real silk into the world of magic, dragons, and demons. So come with us as we go Beyond the Pen with author Kirsten Marion and her book, Lucy and Dee – The Silk Road.

Deirdre Pippins, the Bookaholics Podcast, Episode 45

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Kirsten Marion on Inspirational Journeys: Stories That Matter
Kirsten Marion, author of Lucy & Dee: The Silk Road and publisher of Common Deer Press, recently appeared on Inspirational Journeys: Stories That Matter. Hosted by Ann Harrison-Barnes, the podcast features authors, creative artists and entrepreneurs who want to share their inspirational journeys with the world.

Tune in to hear about writing, editing, and publishing children’s books.

Kirsten Marion Shares her expertise as a Children's book publisher and author Inspirational Journeys: Stories that Matter

This week my special guest and I talk about two of my favorite subjects, editing and writing, before we start unpacking her experiences as a publisher and a writer. Grab your favorite beverage and tune into our fun and informative conversation. Kirsten Marion has always been passionate about books and writing. Her background is in English, Classics, and psychology, and her day job is acquiring and publishing high-quality books for children and teens. Kirsten’s featured book is entitled, Lucy & Dee, The Silk Road Description: Lucy wants an adventure. Dee needs money to help him find his missing parents. When a flaming bird leads them to a hidden road, and the lord of stone offers them a quest, the opportunity for both arises. In a land full of magic, dragons, and demons, all they have to do is befriend a young emperor―which would be a lot easier if he wasn't a royal pain and an angry queen didn't want to destroy him. Soon they're running for their lives with the entitled ruler in tow. Lucy and Dee must find a way home with a mysterious feather and a dragon-whisperer (who looks suspiciously like a hedgehog) their only defense against capture…or worse. Purchase link: Connect with Kirsten at the following links: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: If you’re looking for high quality content editing services at reasonable prices, send queries to Visit and use promo code Inspirational Journeys to get 10% off any product on the site. Support this podcast with a monthly donation: or you can give a one-time donation via PayPal at: — Send in a voice message:

What Reviewers Are Saying

The trio, including a reformed Yidi who grows in compassion and understands that he is the one who must save Sericea, emerge as credible young heroes making difficult moral choices as they seek a safe place to hide out and regroup. The story ultimately leaves readers in suspense about what happens next.
An enthralling, fast-paced adventure, hinting of more to come.

Kirkus Reviews

In Kirsten Marion’s absorbing fantasy novel Lucy and Dee, two friends help a young royal to fulfil his calling, despite obstacles put in place by his cruel stepmother.

… an appealing fantasy novel in which two friends go on a wondrous adventure in a magical land.

Foreword Clarion Reviews

As they discover hidden depths within themselves and learn to see the world in a new light, readers will also pick up important lessons about determination, curiosity, and open-mindedness. Best of all, this is a story bursting with magic and humor.

… a fun and engrossing read, perfect for middle-grade readers who love a new adventure.

The Children’s Book Review

Marion launches a striking fantasy series with her debut, introducing resourceful tweens Lucy Banks and Dee Ringrose in an adventure that offers middle grade readers rich emotional reality as the heroes enter a magical world. The Silk Road will engage young readers eager for an exciting quest on the uncertain path to maturity, where hard-won knowledge is a given, and a happily-ever-after is not.


Imaginative and entertaining, the novel asks readers to discover hidden depths within themselves while learning to see the world in a new light. Un-put-downable.


A rip-roaring fantasy… Not to be missed.

The Prairies Book Review

The Silk Road is an incredibly exciting, thrilling, and wonderful middle grade/YA fantasy book that I will struggle to forget for a long time! The Silk Road has astounded me; I enjoyed every single moment of the book because it was by far a perfect read.

Redheaded Book Lover