“A deftly crafted and thoroughly fun read … especially and unreservedly recommended for elementary school, middle school, and community library Fantasy Fiction collections.” —MBR Midwest Book Review

Lucy and Dee: The Caves of Wonder


Trapped and on the run!

Now stranded in the enchanting world of Sericea, Lucy and Dee are on the run from Emperor Yidi’s evil stepmother, Xixi, a powerful sorceress queen. With their true identities concealed to protect themselves and their newfound friend, Mai, the unlikely group embarks on a treacherous journey across the mystical land.

Their ultimate destination? The fabled Caves of Wonder, where they hope to find the White Tiger, a legendary warrior rumored to possess the strength and knowledge needed to thwart Xixi’s malicious plans. Along their risky path, their developing talents are needed to navigate the perils that lurk at every corner. Rumors of revolution more challenges to their mission, testing not only their individual resolve but also the strength of their friendship.

Lucy, Dee, and Yidi must face the dangers together and overcome the mounting odds. Will their union be enough to save not just their own lives but also the very fate of Sericea? Join them on this gripping adventure filled with magic, friendship, and bravery.



Reading age

11 – 14 years

Grade level

5 – 8