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8 Common Tropes in Children’s Literature: How to Subvert Them

Converting common tropes is a great way to give children’s literature a fresh, modern twist. Learn how to challenge traditional narratives and create unique stories for children.

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Exploring Classic Tropes in Children’s Literature: Balancing Cliches and Creativity

Children’s literature has long captivated readers with its timeless stories, unforgettable characters, and magical worlds. Within these narratives, we often encounter classic tropes – recurring themes or motifs that have become familiar over time.

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One novel at a time

The other day someone asked me, “Why do you write for children? It’s a tough market to break into.”“I’m so glad you asked,” I replied. “Aside from just a love of telling stories, there are some hard reasons why I think it’s so important to write for children. Here is just one.

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