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The Ancient Art of Fire Magic


“Encouraged by her first small success, Lucy cupped her hands and summoned a ball of fire. It appeared as a flickering ball of light and squirmed excitedly in her hands.” — Lucy – The Caves of Wonder

Lucy Banks is breezy, occasionally snarky, frequently sassy, and passionate about learning magic.

In the Lucy & Dee series, Lucy is tutored in fire magic by the firebird and demigoddess, Shuka.

The ancient art of fire magic has many aspects. There are several types of fire magic that practitioners can use to achieve their goals, each with its unique properties and strengths. Firstly, there is “combustion magic,” which involves causing objects to burst into flames, creating pyrotechnic displays, and starting fires. This type of fire magic is used for offensive and defensive purposes, such as defeating enemies and protecting oneself from danger.

Secondly, there is “elemental magic,” which involves calling upon the forces of nature to summon and control fire. This type of magic is used for creating and manipulating fire, such as controlling a raging inferno or summoning a small flame to light a candle.

This is the primary type of magic that Lucy uses. Shuka teaches her that

“True magic is about making a connection with the world. It comes from understanding the things around you and drawing on their power to fulfill your desires. You reach an understanding with the correct elements, and they respond to your will. This is the first and most basic step in working true magic and the foundation upon which everything else is built.”

— Shuka – The Caves of Wonder

Elemental magic involves the manipulation of natural fire sources such as flames from a candle or bonfire. Elemental fire magic is often used for purification and cleansing rituals, as it is believed to have powerful spiritual properties.

Thirdly, there is “transmutation magic,” which involves transforming one object or substance into another using fire. This type of magic is often used for alchemical purposes, such as turning base metals into gold or creating elixirs that grant immortality. This type of magic is used for creating powerful weapons, such as fireballs or flaming swords, that can be used in battles or conflicts.

Lucy hasn’t explored this one…yet.

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