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Paranormal Passion: 10 Historical Romance Prompts

A man and a woman about to kiss against a romantic background of the moon and candles. Paranormal Passion: Historical Romance Prompts

Paranormal passion takes romance to the next level! Ready to write your own story? Here are ten prompts to get you started. Giving it a historical twist adds a whole new layer of intrigue and excitement.

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The Best Laid Plans

Productivity advice is just advice. And sometimes the real world has its way with me, chaos is my wingman and it’s okay to take a deep breath and say “No one is going to die if this isn’t done this week.”

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Shiny Object Syndrome

Rachel and Kevin both fell victim to Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS), sacrificing their main goals for distracting new opportunities. SOS, caused by our attraction to novelty, can undermine focus and progress. Establishing clear priorities and strong boundaries are crucial strategies to combat SOS, improving life satisfaction and productivity.

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About the author

I write books that are an escape hatch from the serious stuff in the world. They’re magical stories full of fun, adventure, friendship and loyalty that lift you up.

And with the wonderful team at Common Deer Press, I also publish critically acclaimed and award winning children’s books in my role as Publisher/Owner.

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