Marion spins a fantastical narrative that seamlessly intertwines magic, reality, folklore, and witty dialogue for an uproarious tale in her imaginary latest middle grade read…. Un-put-downable.


A rip-roaring fantasy… Not to be missed….In this tale of adventure, science, and magic, readers are sure to find mirrors to their own experiences and windows onto others, all wrapped in a fantastical bow. Lovers of middle grade fantasy will be enthralled.”

The Prairies Book Review

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Five Fun Facts about the Lucy & Dee Series
The Lucy & Dee series required dozens of inspirations and decisions, large and small. Many involved extensive research which I absolutely loved. Although it's easy to go down a rabbit hole only to emerge hours later! Here are answers to five of my most frequently asked questions. The fantasy land of Sericea was inspired by my travels throughout Asia. For …
Sweet, Sweet Solitude
The need to spend time alone was, and still is, common among many poets, novelists, composers, artists, innovators, and inventors. According to Michael Harris in his book, Solitude (2017), there are three crucial benefits provided by solitude: “new ideas; an understanding of the self; and a closeness to others.” In addition, it increases our ability to solve hard problems.