“A deftly crafted and thoroughly fun read … especially and unreservedly recommended for elementary school, middle school, and community library Fantasy Fiction collections.” —MBR Midwest Book Review

The Creative Life

Shiny Object Syndrome

Rachel and Kevin both fell victim to Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS), sacrificing their main goals for distracting new opportunities. SOS, caused by our attraction to novelty, can undermine focus and progress. Establishing clear priorities and strong boundaries are crucial strategies to combat SOS, improving life satisfaction and productivity.

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Creating in Spite of Self-Doubt

Every writer I know, including myself, has anxiety and self-doubt about their creative efforts. When I went into it further, I found that it’s the curse of the creative classes.

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Baiku, The White Tiger of the West

“Wait!” Dee held an arm out to prevent Yidi from descending the staircase. “What are we up against here, really? Is it a man or a beast? If it’s an actual tiger, is this wise? Will it be friendly?”

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Shuka, the Vermillion Bird of the South

Shuka is a demi-goddess also known as the Vermillion Bird of the South. In her animal form she’s a firebird. In her human form, she is small and lithe, and moves as if gravity is just a suggestion.

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A beautiful sunset

Crossing the Plateau of Latent Potential

Earlier this month, I almost gave up on my small publishing business. It had been going for over five years and we still weren’t seeing sustainable results.

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Leadership is Hard

When we first meet Yidi in The Silk Road he’s a royal pain in the backside – an entitled pipsqueak who relies on his power to have someone executed with a snap of his fingers to get his own way.

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The Gifts of Alchemy

Dee is fascinated by alchemy because he focuses on its quest to find the formula to transmute base metals into gold. He needs the gold to continue his search for his missing parents.

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The Ancient Art of Fire Magic

“Encouraged by her first small success, Lucy cupped her hands and summoned a ball of fire. It appeared as a flickering ball of light and squirmed excitedly in her hands.”

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An image of a lake a sunset with with mountains and trees. The spirit of adventure.

The Spirit of Adventure

Adventure is the spice of life. It can be defined as a thrilling or exciting experience that takes us out of our comfort zone and pushes our boundaries.

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In Praise of Libraries

Libraries provide a valuable community service! Visit your local public library soon.

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