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A man and a woman about to kiss against a romantic background of the moon and candles. Paranormal Passion: Historical Romance Prompts

Paranormal Passion: 10 Historical Romance Prompts

Paranormal passion takes romance to the next level! Ready to write your own story? Here are ten prompts to get you started. Giving it a historical twist adds a whole new layer of intrigue and excitement.

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The Best Laid Plans

Productivity advice is just advice. And sometimes the real world has its way with me, chaos is my wingman and it’s okay to take a deep breath and say “No one is going to die if this isn’t done this week.”

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The text reads supercharge your performance with deliberate practice

Supercharge Your Performance With Deliberate Practice

In the 1990’s, a professor at Florida State University released a groundbreaking paper in performance psychology. In it, he denied that the differences separating high performers and normal adults was due simply to talent or innate genius.

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Rekindling Your Creative Flame

Lately, I’ve been staring at a blank page and the page has been staring back defiantly. I blinked first, sighed, and thought, ‘here we go again’. I write new articles every week. After sticking to that publishing schedule for months, I have days when I’m convinced that I’m out of decent ideas.

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10 Writing Prompts for Urban Fantasy

Urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres and my next middle grade novel is such a beast. Often, the hardest part of writing a book is getting started in the first place. Here are ten prompts to get your creative juices flowing!

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A Different Path

It’s a quick post this week to say that I have a new story up on Wattpad and I’d love you to take a look at it. Click on the in-post cover and it will take you straight there.

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How to Write as Successfully as Anthony Trollope

Over a thirty-eight-year period he wrote forty-seven novels, eighteen works of non-fiction and numerous short stories and articles. He had his first book, Macdermots of Ballycloran published in 1847 and his last book was released in 1885, three years after his death. All while he lived an otherwise full and busy life.

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Samo, Revolutionary Leader

Samo raised a threatening fist. Smoke rose from Try-el’s nostrils as he said, “You’ve just proved my point.” Excerpt from the Caves of Wonder

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8 MORE Common Tropes in Children’s Literature and How to Subvert Them

In this post we will discuss eight more ways children’s literature can be more inclusive and imaginative by breaking away from common tropes. Let’s empower young readers with a fresh perspective! This is part of a series on How to Write Children’s Books.

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8 Common Tropes in Children’s Literature: How to Subvert Them

Converting common tropes is a great way to give children’s literature a fresh, modern twist. Learn how to challenge traditional narratives and create unique stories for children.

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