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10 Writing Prompts for Urban Fantasy


Urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres and my next middle grade novel is such a beast. Often, the hardest part of writing a book is getting started in the first place. Here are ten prompts to get your creative juices flowing!

1. As the clock struck midnight, the abandoned building came alive with whispers of long-forgotten magic. The abandoned building was actually a time machine, and the whispers were from future versions of the characters who had come back in time to change their fates.

2. In the heart of the city, a hidden portal awaited those who knew where to look. The protagonist discovers that the portal actually leads to an alternate reality where they are living their ideal life. They are faced with the choice to stay in this perfect world or return to their own, flawed reality. In the end, they decide to stay, only to realize that the alternate reality is not as perfect as it seemed.

3. The alleyways were filled with creatures of the night, their glowing eyes watching from the shadows. The creatures of the night turn out to be humans who have been transformed into monsters by a powerful witch looking for revenge against the people who wronged her. The main character, who has been hunting and killing these creatures, realizes that they were innocent victims and decides to help reverse the curse and bring justice to the real perpetrators.

4. A mysterious shop appeared on the corner overnight, offering rare and powerful artifacts to those brave enough to seek them out. The shopkeeper is actually a demon, and every item in the shop comes with a hidden cost. The protagonist, who has been acquiring these artifacts to gain power and fame, realizes the true evil behind the shop and must make a difficult choice between keeping their newfound abilities or destroying the shop and freeing all those who have been trapped by its curses.

5. The old subway tunnels held secrets older than time itself, waiting to be uncovered by a curious soul. The subway trains start running on an inexplicable schedule, leading passengers to destinations beyond their wildest imaginations. The protagonist boards one of these mystical trains and finds themselves transported to a parallel version of the city where magic reigns supreme, but dark forces lurk beneath the surface, ready to wage war on their world.

6. A curse swept through the city, turning ordinary citizens into something dark and dangerous. The protagonist discovers that they are immune to the curse and possesses the ability to reverse it, but doing so comes with a heavy price.

7. The streetlights flickered ominously as a powerful storm brewed on the horizon, heralding the arrival of a vengeful spirit. As it draws closer, the protagonist recognizes the spirit as someone they failed to save in their past, a tragic figure forever bound to seek vengeance on the living. With a heavy heart, the protagonist confronts their guilt and promises to help the spirit find peace, even if it means sacrificing everything they hold dear.

8. A group of misfit teenagers discovered they were descendants of ancient sorcerers, destined to save the world from the impending darkness that threatened to consume everything familiar and loved. The teenagers embarked on a journey to unlock their dormant magical abilities, each facing their own inner demons and fears along the way. As they trained and grew stronger, they began to unravel the mystery of their ancestors’ downfall and the source of the encroaching darkness.

9. A ring of fire dancers performed in the park, unknowingly summoning a powerful elemental spirit that threatened to consume everything in its path. The elemental spirit grew stronger with each dance, its fiery presence casting a menacing glow over the park. As chaos erupted and panic spread through the crowd, the leader of the fire dancers realized that only by embracing the flames within herself could she hope to control the elemental spirit.

10. An enchanted painting in a gallery held the key to unlocking a gateway to another realm, tempting all who gazed upon it. The protagonist, an art restorer with a keen eye for the unusual, becomes obsessed with the enchanted painting and its mysterious origins. As they delve deeper into the history of the painting, they discover that it was created by a powerful sorcerer who used it as a portal to travel between worlds.

Let me know in the comments below if any of these sparked a creative urge in you!

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